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About the job

Sl. No. Owner (Indicative Title) Classification in Score Card JOB ROLE ASSOCIATED KPIS Is it a Shared Responsibility or

Direct Responsibility with Concept In-Charge

1 CP Store Manager Financial * Review Daily Trading and take Corrective Action.

  • Dive Sales and Controllable costs to achieve store P&L Targets
  • Liaise with Concept In-charges to review Sales and jointly formulate actions * Store P&L Target/Growth Achievement
  • Achievement of CP and each concept's sales budget and growth on LY
  • Achievement against Controllable cost % (Overtime/Casual/Utilities) against sales
  • Achievement of Omni Channel/Ecom Sales Budgets (% of Sales) for CP
  • Retail Productivity metrics for the store (Sales per staff, Staff per sq. Ft, etc.)
  • Concept wise Retail KPIs such as UPTand ATV
  • Drive 'x' Mn Counter Sales (Concept wise)
  • Achievement of Cross Selling Target Shared

2 CP Store Manager Store Experience &

Service * Manage instore Customer Service and Queries

  • Manage Queues as per CP Benchmarks
  • Manage Availability of trolley, shopping bag, staff, security & house keeping
  • Support in Driving Concept Specific Service Model
  • Managing process of Customer returns (cash counter and fiiting rooms) properly tagged and return to each concept for trading * KPI for Mystery Shopping report of 90%
  • Benchmark targets for Queuing times as per CP Strategy.
  • Achievement on target % Customer Feedback Score (NPS, C-Sat)* Avg Queue time/Customer Direct

3 CP Store Manager Process Goods Receiving, Goods Out.

  • Manage Stockroom Standards for all concepts with the Inventory supervisors and Concept In-charges
  • Work closely with the Inventory Team to ensure that the SAHLA binning is in place and managed within timeframes
  • Manage Good Receiving from Warehouse
  • Manage inward and outward transfer of goods as per defined SOP
  • All the GITs must be cleared from SIM on time as per defined SOP
  • Ensure timely display of products and replenishment * Time taken to process delivery (items per person per day in the Inventory Team)
  • Stock accuracy levels of each Concept
  • Achievement on target areas of impact of process improvement initiatives (Consolidation, Reverse Logistics.


  • Reduce lead time in 'Backstore to Floor' by 'X' mins Direct

4 CP Store Manager Internal


Excellence * Manage Shrink, Audit and Stock take / Stock counting processes

  • Manage Stock take SOP
  • Managing Shrinkage and ensure that each concept has a proper action-plan. Drive Loss Prevention Awareness with all staff.
  • Ensures that everyone at the store understands their role in minimizing risk and complying with the audit requirements * Reduction in Shrinkage % (Achievement within Stock Loss Target in x % of sales (< 'X%') and by Value in AED mn)
  • BOE Audit Scores %
  • Stock take accuracy
  • RFID Frequency and Accuracy achievement%
  • % damage reduction in comparison to LY Shared

5 CP Store Manager Product * Manage and Replenish Queue Rails

  • Manage Clearance and Exit of Queue rail products.
  • Monitor Queue rails 'x' times a day at the store for availability and replenishment * Achievement of sales budgets for Queue rails
  • Reduction in the number of instances of stock outs in Queue Rails* T90 on Weekly Availability Direct

6 CP Store Manager People * Staff Training & Development

  • Make sure at all staff, including required Generalist staff are trained on how to sell as per the Concept Service Model.
  • Enroll staff on relevant Learning and Development courses
  • Carry out regular trainings as required
  • Create successions within the Generalist team for Specialist
  • Create Successions for Management
  • Review and provide regular feedback on staff�s performance against expectations- Maintain training plan for all Generalist and Specialist staff at the store and create a tracker to make sure that the training actually happens
  • Ensure staff development and career plans are tracked and nominated
  • Drive common CP Staff engagement activities * Improvement in Staff Productivity post Training
  • Number of Training Manhours per staff
  • % number of employees trained during the year on specific areas
  • % of staff ready for next level. * Number of "Ready Now" and "Ready in 'X' Year(s)" successors available
  • Salah adoption Usage % * LMS

Training modules completion as per guidelines

  • Engagement Scores/ Year on year % increase in engagement/employee satisfaction* Compliance to Performance Review Guidelines * Voluntary Attrition % Shared

7 CP Store Manager Retail Outlet * Execute VM for campaigns & events, incl. mannequins and store fronts.

  • Daily review through Floorwalk or Pictures
  • Maintain high standards of visual appearance & merchandise standards (as per CP

Guidelines) throughout the store including all non-retail areas * 100% implementation of the CP VM Guideline for all events and campaigns in the defined timelines

  • % achievement on Season Launch & Event Compliance Audit Direct

8 CP Store Manager Omni/Digital *Manage Omni operations

  • Drive one, holistic approach- an OMNI channel experience for CP Customers * Click and Collect conversions
  • CP App downloads
  • Kiosk Sale %
  • Achievement on target areas of impact of process improvement initiatives (C&C delivery times, Fulfil from store % etc.) Direct

9 CP Store Manager External Customer *Loyalty (Shukhran)

  • Expand the Shukran loyalty database and maximize sales potential for Shukran * % Increase Shukran enrolment/ conversions
  • % increase in multi-concept sales
  • % Increase in Shukhran sales Contribution Shared

10 CP Store Manager Retail Outlet * Health of Safety

  • Ensure that the store is in compliance with the company policy for all employment and local labour laws including health & safety standards * Compliance to Territory Labor Law norms
  • Compliance to Health and Safety Audit Requirements (Including Covid) Direct

11 CP Store Manager People * Staff deployment for all Store staff

  • Ensure that all Concepts are in agreement with and understand the overall ROTA plan for the store (Including Cashiers)
  • Manage the staff headcount availability during Peak/Non-Peak Timings
  • Manage the distribution of Generalist Staff
  • Liaise with the Concepts to Fill in Gaps due to attrition or additional workload * Adherence of Staff Distribution Curve Vs Business Curve
  • Adherence to Concept Service Model
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