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ERP Project Manager Vacancy in Dubai

This role is for software installation domain. The Project Manager will be responsible for both the technical and functional side and will be serving and oriented to All Industries/Different Business Domains.

Job Requirements:

 Professional experience / Skills Desired.

-With experience in managing projects, Implementation/ Upgrade to meet Operational requirements, Scope and project finalizations, Progress meetings and worked with Senior Stakeholders, Top Management of large organization level.

 Technical experience / Skills Desired

- With experience in ERP Applications, Oracle, and SAP.

Job Description:

 Execute system study

 Requirements collection and preparation.

 Review/Supervise in Database Designing

 Review/Supervise in Designing, Coding, testing, and debugging of forms and reports.

 Maintains and customize in various screens.

 Implementation and testing to meet client requirements.

 Project Documentation

 Coordinate with the team member and production team for timely completion of project.

 Monitor the project progress

 Presentation and training to end user

 Handling multi projects at the same time and follow the project milestone.

 Traveling to different cities and countries when required.

 Work as team member and under a Production Manager in development and implementation of new and existing systems.

 Perform Quality Assurance testing as a regular step using black and white box testing.

 Study/Perform System Gap Analysis

Suitable candidates may submit updated profile to E-mail:

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