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IT Infrastructure Operations Director

Job Purpose

To direct the planning, implementation, delivery, management, operations, and maintenance of IT infrastructure covering facility, connectivity, network, hardware, server, storage, backup, archiving, OS, database, and related tools in line with the overall Information sector strategy.

IT Operations Director
Job Purpose

To direct service management activities and oversee the development and execution of IT service management processes, 24x7x365 monitoring all IT infrastructure & applications, provide Level-1 technical support for all IT services including ones under Solutions sector, and manage the tools required to deliver this mandate (i.e. ITSM, ITOM, and APM)

Senior Application Developer
Expected Background

You must be a software development engineer who is experienced with Agile and waterfall project teams that have delivered complex solutions using the below technology stack. You must be as comfortable in delivering UI/UX as well as the supporting backend capabilities. You must be a dynamic and detail-oriented Full Stack Developer with a track record of spearheading teams to engineer user-centric solutions for achieving efficiency and driving client satisfaction. You must be able to demonstrate team leadership and quality coding in a supportive approach. Experience in managing on-shore and off-shore team is beneficial.

Senior Business Analyst
The ideal candidate will play a role in the development of multiple parts of the business by analyzing past, current, and future business trends. This individual will establish strategies to achieve desired outcomes and implement these strategies. They will often work cross-functionally with internal business units in order to understand the challenges that these teams are face and provide solutions to these groups.

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Job Purpose

To assist in the continuous improvement of FASAH solution architecture in accordance with Tabadul’s QA guidelines. This includes supporting the identification of potential issues in the FASAH solution, troubleshooting for the root causes, and implementation of resolutions in line with Tabadul’s quality standards. This includes engaging in projects, creating test cases and ensuring the delivery of high quality projects.

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Tabadul hirng now The Following Positions 

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